NO! CrossFit is for everyone!

CrossFit can be done by anyone with the desire to get into better shape. All ages and shapes are welcome in Crossfit, ESPECIALLY at MERAKI!
No more dangerous that any other athletic endeavor. In fact, since you are only competing against yourself, you are able to scale your workout to custom fit your needs and requirements!
Safety is the number one priority. You will have appropriate scaling for your workout under the supervision of a level one trainer and/or physical therapist. You will be taught proper form on each move before you can advance onto adding heavy weight. You will do a warm up, followed by a strength training then a WOD.
Any clothes that you feel comfortable working out in. Wear the flattest tennis shoes you have - smaller the heel, the better. Many athletes use weightlifting gloves, knee sleeves, lifters, etc.
WOD stands for Workout of the Day. This typically runs between 5 and 20 mins of a variety of movements including cardio, gymnastics, and weightlifting.