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Hi Everyone!!
Thursday was World Human Trafficking Awareness day. This is a $150,000,000 industry in which a third of the victims are children. 
There is an organization, O.U.R (Operation Underground Railroad) that is led by a man named Tim Ballard. Their mission is to go into the helholes and rescue children. So far since 2013, they’ve rescued 1,400 children who were being sex trafficked and assisted in the arrest over over 400 sex traffickers. They also have a CrossFit gym in Utah. Tomorrow, we will be doing the memorial WOD to raise awareness of this horrific epidemic. 
-One way is to join the WOD.
-The other way is to make a donation to their cause at  You can donate a dollar figure or buy merchandise that will go towards the cause. 
-The last thing you can do is watch the documentary on Amazon Prime called Operation Toussaint. It’s an I’m depth look into one of O.U.R’s missions where they rescued several sex slaves in Haiti. 
This organization is amazing and we can support our CrossFit community in a very special way.
Operation Underground Railroad

OURRESCUE.ORGOperation Underground Railroad

Warm Up
- Roll out as needed 5min
- Heel to knee on wall 10x3
- Heel to knee x 30 on floor
- 10 Toes to OH into V-sit
- Flamingo

WOD Brief (10 after) 

Save Kids 8/1/2020 - WOD

Complete with a weighted vest For Time: (Start by 15 after- 40 min time cap)

-weighted vest 20/14
- 400m Run
- 60 Box Step Ups  24/20
- 60 Push Ups
-400m Run
-60 Push Ups
-60 Box Step Ups
-400m Run

L1- No vest 200m Run/300m Row/Ski, 30 Box Step Up, 30 Push Ups for the pattern above with elevated surfaces for push up and Step up 2-3 45 # plates
L2- No Vest 300m Run/400m Row/Ski, 45 Box Step Ups 4-5 of the 45# plates, 45 Push Up on knee or box, for pattern above
L3- No Vest complete workout as above
L4- Complete As above
Seated Athlete- 200m Roll/ 300m Ski, 60 Battle Rope, 60 Belt Chest Press Outs for pattern above
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8/1/2020 - Meraki Warriors

Balance Tabata x
- Front Scales x8
- Back Scales x 8 
- L sit x 8 (In chair)
- Plank x 8 

AMRAP in 19 minutes

  • 400 m Roll/ 500m Ski/Row

  • Then, 5 Rounds of:
  • 27 Lat Pulldowns
  • 18 Push-Ups
L1- 200m Roll/250m Ski/Row & 3 Rds of Lat Pulldowns and Chest Press Strap
L2- 300m Roll/400m Ski/Row & 4 Rds Lat Pulldowns and Tricep Dips on Box
L3- 400m Roll/ 500m Ski/Row & 5 Rds of Lat Pulldowns and Tricep Dip on Tricep Dip Machine
L4 - As Above w/ transfers

- Pass Through
- Around the World
- Strap for Sh IR/ER stretch
- Flamingo
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Roll Out Finisher

Roll out:
Chest (Pecs)
Leg F/B & Sides

And Stretch Wrists
Frog Stretch
Figure 4

Anything else that is tight, just asl how to stretch :)
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Adriana Posadas

Adriana Posadas 1 week, 5 days ago / Reply

Save Kids 8/1/2020 - WOD: 24:30

Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith 1 week, 5 days ago / Reply

Save Kids 8/1/2020 - WOD: 30:28
Notes: I'd call it 3+, I had to take the vest off halfway through on the second round of push ups, then put it back on for the rest of the fun. I tried hard to keep a constant intensity throughout.

Amy Posadas 1 week, 5 days ago / Reply

Save Kids 8/1/2020 - WOD: 30:34

Phil Haas

Phil Haas 1 week, 5 days ago / Reply

Save Kids 8/1/2020 - WOD: 28:02
Notes: with 20lb vest but 20" box

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