Your health is what you make of it.  Everything you do and think either adds to the vitality, energy and spirit you possess or takes away from it.-Ann Wigmore

DU SKill
- Laying pop up x 10
- Standing pop up x 10
- Tuck Jumps x 10
- Standing pop up w/ hands x 10
2 min DU Practice
- Squat w/ elbow extended OP x 10
-Squat w/ rotational reach up x10
- 10 Toes to OH into V-sit
- Flamingo

Back Squat Skill
WOD Brief (15 after)

10 x 1 One Pause Back Squat

Pausing Back Squat
OTM x 10

1 Pause (x3) Back Squat

1- Going Down at parallell
2- Absolute bottom of squat
3- Going up at parallel

L1- Pipe to elevated surface
L2- Pipe FULL Range
L3- Barbell empty 35/15 # to start
L4- Barbell empty 45/35  to start
Seated Athlete- Tricep Ext
Base Camp- 30 Russian Twists, L-sit  Hold on floor OR rig x 20 sec OTM
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For Time: (Start 30 after & 25 min time cap)
Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups

Directly into..........

Double Unders
Wall Balls 20/14

L1/Base Camp- Step Up 20/16in & sitting V-ups then Step Up and Wall Face squats
L2- SU-150-120-90-60-30 w/ sit up, then SU-15-30-45-60-75 w/ WB 5-10-15-20-25
L3- DU-25-20-15-10-5 w/ sit up, then DU 1-2-3-4-5 w/ WB 14/10#
L4- As above
Seated Athlete- Monster Rope- 25-20-15-10-5 w/ Ab band pull downs, then Monster Rope 1-2-3-4-5 w/ WB 6# to 6 ft target

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Body Armor

3 Giant Sets:
10 Strict Toes to Bar
 15 Dumbbell Bench Press
15 Dumbbell Bentover Rows
100m Double DB Front Rack Walk

REST 2:00 between sets

-Couch Stretch
- inversion Table Optional
- Calf Stretch on Wall w/ knee bent and straight
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Aaron Smith

Aaron Smith 3 months ago / Reply

Layup: 23:56

Meghan DiBello

Meghan DiBello 3 months ago / Reply

Layup: 14:32

Dan Wischmeyer

Dan Wischmeyer 3 months ago / Reply

One Pause Back Squat: 155 lbs

Dan Wischmeyer

Dan Wischmeyer 3 months ago / Reply

Layup: 18:05

Phil Haas

Phil Haas 3 months ago / Reply

Body Armor:

Phil Haas

Phil Haas 3 months ago / Reply

Layup: 22:33
Notes: Half DUs, 14 lb wall ball

Phil Haas

Phil Haas 3 months ago / Reply

One Pause Back Squat: 165 lbs

Krista Reese

Krista Reese 3 months ago / Reply

Layup: 16:46

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