Our GREATEST glory is not in never failing, but in RISING every time we fall. Confucius

We are going to MISS Meg & Nikki!! They are moving next week, but will be so happy when they come back for visits!!!!

M- OBILITY- Roll out 5 min
E- R sh w/ band x 10 each
G- olden Squat w/ elbow ext x 5 and reach up
N- ew Dragon x 10 each
I- R sh w/ band x 10 
K- ickbacks x 20
K- ick F/B/Side x 10
I- nverted Burpee x 5 or into plank

WOD Brief (15 min after)
Squat Clean Progression w/ empty barbell

Beast BUILDER 06/27/20

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Break Up/ Make Up

Two Parts w/ a partner:

Part A- "The Break Up" (Moving away) - EMOM as long as possible
1 min: 1 Push Press + 1 Burpee 125/85
2 min 2 Push Press + 2 Burpee
3 min 3 Push Press +3 Burpee

L1- pipe and burpee elevated surface
L2- 45/15# bar and burpee elevated surface
L3- 85/45# and burpees on floor
L4- As above
Seated Athlete- Strict Press 10# & WB Burpee

10 min REST

Part B "The Make Up" (Home visits)- 6 Rounds Alternating for Time of:

5 Squat Cleans 125/85
10 Pull Ups
200m Row/Ski 100m Run

Partner holds MAX L-sit while the other performs & then rests until it is their turn to do a round

L1- pipe and squat to elevated surface, Ring Rows, L-sit on floor
L2- 45/15# squat full range, Ring Rows, L-sit on floor
L3- 85/45 Squat, Pull up w/ bands, L-sit on Tricep Dip mach w/ knees bent
L4- As Above
Seated Athlete- 10# Cleans, 5 Pull Ups, 100m Ski/ 50m Roll, L-sit on Tricep Dip Mach/Box
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Roller Finisher


-Specifically, but not limited to: back & glutes, forearms w/ a wrist stretch

- This maybe with a rollar OR a ball on the shoulder, back knobber on the piriformis or upper trap

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Tyler Pickett

Tyler Pickett 3 months ago / Reply

Break Up/ Make Up: 5 Rounds
Notes: 5 cleans 20lbs 5 pull ups 100 skierg

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